Automation Thinking Workshop

Create a real competitive advantage through optimized processes, reduced costs, and better decision-making. Define which use cases and processes your organization can and should automate. Together with the management consultancy ROI-EFESO, we will thoroughly examine specific aspects of your process landscape to automate them strategically and make them sustainably more efficient.

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Automation Thinking Workshop with Motius and ROI-EFESO

Automation is only efficient when it reaches across the entire organization. In our Automation Thinking Workshop, we collectively define the current state and connect existing weaknesses with automation potentials. This lays the foundation for a truly long-term competitive advantage. Because with an enterprise-wide automation strategy, you not only increase efficiency but also employee satisfaction.

Together with our partner ROI-EFESO, we support you in identifying and evaluating weaknesses, ideas, and strategic approaches for automating your processes. We systematically examine existing processes and workflows, assess pain points, and jointly define which automation approaches are suitable for your organization. Based on our experience, we can provide specific recommendations for processes, methods, transformation, technologies, as well as tools and platforms. This allows you to initiate changes with precision and implement them with the necessary confidence.

In our Automation Thinking Workshop, you can tap into deep process and strategic knowledge, as well as detailed technical expertise. ROI-EFESO is a leading strategy consultancy specializing in optimizing business processes for efficiency. Motius brings years of technology experience, from data management and robotics to AI tools and LLMs, and even knowledge graphs. Coupled with our extensive technology and design thinking experience at Motius, we enable a truly holistic perspective.

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What you can expect:

1) Reflect the status quo with best practices and industry benchmarks 
Using Design Thinking, we collaboratively assess the current state, including current challenges in automation. In doing so, we always examine potential processes and initiatives from the perspective of the actual user or department. Additionally, we compare the level of automation with industry examples.

2) Specific solutions and their impact 
What process and tool possibilities are available? In an open ideation session, we bring together the combined experience of management/process and technology expertise from ROI-EFESO and Motius, along with the insights of your own process experts.

3) Get started: Recommendations and implementation roadmap
Afterwards, we consolidate the results from the target vision, and the desired and current state. Based on this we formulate clear action recommendations for your automation initiatives. Additionally, we describe potential impacts, dependencies, and solution approaches for your automation strategy.

About Motius

For over 10 years, we have been assisting companies in leveraging new technologies for value creation and ensuring their future readiness. Our expertise in product or technology development, (production) automation, as well as (business) process optimization, ensures the technical and economic feasibility of innovations.


Our Automation Thinking Workshop partner ROI-EFESO specializes in optimizing business processes and increasing efficiency. With 39 locations, ROI-EFESO is well-connected globally and contributes profound expertise in Industry 4.0 through years of consultancy experience.

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