Are LLMs Worth the Hype? Business Cases and Challenges 

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From Buzzword to Business Case - How You Can Create Actual Value With LLMs

Large Language Models (LLMs) are all the rage right now - time to take a closer look! In this talk from the last Motius Discovery Conference, our AI Solution Architect Alberto discusses what actually matters: How you can leverage LLMs for your business. Plus, which challenges you might face and, most importantly, how to address them.

Watch the video to hear:

  • What the Industrial Revolution has (not) in 
    common with the current AI Revolution 
  • Automating Customer Support with LLMs
  • Document Search with LLMs
  • Challenges: How to ensure data security 
    and verifiability

LLMs are available 24/7, scalable, and don't mind dealing with tedious tasks at all. Get inspired by Alberto and use your resources more efficiently with Large Language Models! 

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